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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life's most important moments

These are the moments I understand what is most important in life
What is truly important to us? What should be important to us? How can we know what is important to us?

These are legitimate questions I think everyone has from time to time. In the modern world we tend to be so busy making a living that we forget about what we are living for. But there are certain moments that bring us the answers. Those moments when we say to ourselves "this is what it's about".  These special moments define our reason for living, for trying and for dreaming.

I have had many experiences and moments in my life but there are special moments that I would say impact me more than others. These moments are the kind of things I would be thinking about one day when it is my time to leave this world.  There is much to be said about that. If we truly take a moment to think about what we want to remember when it is our time graduate from this life, what is it that we would want to remember?  Keep that in mind as you go about your day. Use it as as your guiding bar in your actions and decisions.  Ask yourself what really matters to you and then give your heart to that.

Pagkiksama in the Philippines. Important moments.
I appreciate what I learned growing up from my experience in Church. I was taught about temporary things that will pass away and I was taught about eternal things that will never pass away. This knowledge is like gold to me. It continually guides me in my actions and decisions in life. Making the most out of each day and savoring that which is eternal is a win win situation.

When I see people today amassing great things for themselves and sacrificing that which is eternal I feel badly that in the end those people will be so empty inside. All we have to do is talk to any dying person. Ask them what was important in their lives. Not one would tell you their material things were important. But their relationships, their contributions to help others, their ideas and dreams where the most important to them. 

What a moment!
At this moment my current trying circumstances remind me what is most important in my life. I had once been doing fairly well economically and met some unjust circumstances that dealt us a severe economic blow. Though it's hard in a material sense, those things I lost really were not what was most important in my life. I have with me what is most important in my life. That is my relationship with my heavenly Father and my loving family. Money comes and money goes but love stays no matter what.

I want to encourage the readers here who may be at a time in their lives where they are searching for deeper meaning. If you are caught up in the rat race or feeling burned out from your pursuits, take a step back and ask yourself what is most important to you. Surely something will come to mind. Then use that to power you to greater heights in life as you savor and live for what's most important to you. 

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