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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Being married to a Filipina is great - Part 3

I have to admit this subject is one of the most viewed on this blog. I guess people love romance!

I decided to do a part three as I took another few months to observe my wife closely and marvel at whom the Lord has given me in my life. The song "IKAW" applies so much in our relationship. The first line goes " Ikaw ang bigay ng may kapal"  Translated it means " You are God's gift to me".

There are certain cultural things involved that are so deep they are hard to explain in words when it comes to describing the love and dedication a Filipina has for her husband. Here are a few more reasons why being married to a Filipina is great.

What "I love you" means to a Filipina ( when she says it to you )

When my wife tells me she loves me I know she means it. Not because of the tone of her voice or the twinkle in her eye. She says it not only in words but in action. All day everyday. The more time that goes by I realize more and more I mean the world to her. No one had ever made me feel so important as she does. I have a hard time to catch up loving myself as much as she loves me. I think most men married to Filipina's know what I mean when I say that. The intensity of the love coming from her is not quantifiable.

For those of you who have read this blog through and through you know we are going through some serious hardship now. I mean on a level that would break apart most marriages. It's insane to tell the truth. But my wife's love not only remains, it gets stronger the harder life gets.

Filipina's are very deep when it comes to love. This stems from the way they were brought up combined with their spiritual beliefs. They love deeply and passionately. Their love is sacrificial and they need it to be that way to feel good about themselves. The more they sacrifice for their man and family the better they feel about themselves. Did we not win the lottery guys!  I have seen these attributes shining from various Filipina's we've met on this journey. They not only love, they live to love!

Next time your Filipina says " I love you " take a deep look at her whole being. Surely those words will reflect from the deepest part of her heart. What a wonderful culture the Filipina has concerning love and family. Again guys, have we not won the lottery? Indeed we have!

Unsurpassed Dedication

Filipina's are some of the most dedicated women in the world. First of all, they come from a culture where there is no divorce. So that easy out option is not there should differences arise or a major crises. Family comes before self every time. This is what makes her feel complete.

The Filipina does not have to try to be dedicated to her man. That is who she is. There is no learning involved in it. It is culturally instinctive for her to stay with her man through thick and thin. This is one of the things she lives for. It is her pride and joy to show her man that he is the only one in the world in her heart.

Look at our situation, because of an injustice that happened to us in 2010 we have lost basically everything material wise. My wife had one of the most beautiful homes in the Philippines and she had to live through being forced from it into a life of living like a nomad outside the Philippines. She has not skipped a beat in her dedication to me. Surely, she has only got stronger! No blame, no outbursts of anger because of the hardship. 100% dedication to me and our children. Oh, what part of heaven did she come from? I don't want to trash western women or say they don't know how to love or be dedicated, but honestly I don't think there are many woman who could survive this situation we have been through and still remain as dedicated as my wife has.

The more I see her dedication and learn the depth of it I pray to the Lord to help me be the same for her. To show her in a reciprocal way I am dedicated to her the same. That in itself is a challenge as each day I see a deeper level of dedication in my wife. I wish I was a better writer so as to explain it better. In good ole colloquial English I would say my wife's dedication "blows my mind!" I think you get my point!



Friday, March 2, 2012

Pics of our beautiful pools in the Philippines.

It is getting really hot and muggy now where we are. We are literally dreaming of the pools we had in the Philippines. I took personal pride in keeping them as pristine as possible. Enjoy the pics friends.

This is our 35 meter lap pool. Awesome exercise pool

We had decorative plants all around with bahay kubo's to relax in

The main mansion house terrace had an incredible view overlooking the pool

There were Hawaiian palms surrounding the pool
Our guest house had it's own private pool

It was very private and an quaint
It was a real treat to let guests use this pool. They loved it. 

That was then and this is now ...

God knows!