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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our story in the Philippines Part 1 Super HD version.wmv


  1. Sir,

    Good day to you and your family. I have come across a blog and have read some comments from a guy named "Matthew" where you're story was posted. He said you where involved in the Philippine syndicate where they lend you money and you refuse to pay back and you also tried to buy fire arms which is illegal for a foreigner living in PH and this is the reason you are on the run. I won't buy into his story because I know your a good husband and a good father seeing that you have not abandoned your wife and children in spite of this circumstances. I am on your side for this case.

    Btw, I'm a Filipino hoping that Philippine's corrupt government will someday vanish into thin air and will only be part of the history of this beautiful country.

    1. Ah, finally got our first "trashy" piece. I was wondering when we would see something like this. I didn't know the Philippines had a syndicate? I was the one dishing out all the money there, not borrowing it! LOL With 2 guards and a body guard why would I need a gun? I think I remember one Matthew I met on facebook who if I recall was jealous of my relationship I had with my wife. I wonder if he is the one?

      Anyway, Vincent thanks for the candid post and your heartfelt support for us. I couldn't agree more with you regarding your hope for a new Philippines. I appreciate you seeing our hearts. David

    2. We did some more research on this person who made the trashy comment. He is best friends with a guy who runs a business selling books to expats who want to move to the Philippines. Our nightmare experience with extortion is the worst kind of advertising for this person selling expat training manuals on the Philippines. We were wondering why the bizarre comment from him. Now we know.

  2. Very nice property, Mr Graham..Hope the Phil government will do something to solve whatever case they accuse agaisnt your family..Hav a Blessed day to you :)

  3. My heart goes to you guys. I am a Filipina, but I'm ashamed about my country because of those corrupt officials. Law in the Philippines is non-existent. I do hope, that you will get justice in the end. God bless you and your family.

  4. I feel so terribly angry to the people who did this to u and ur family. I felt more sorry for your kids who is suffering because of them. If u happen to come to Quebec, ill be more than happy to accomodate u here in our place even for a week. Our place is not that big though.

    Noy-noy pls. hear them and help.

    God bless Ur family.