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Monday, December 12, 2011

Our honeymoon with a home run - updated!

After a wedding that was flawless complete with a gorgeous garden reception we set out on our one week honeymoon in Palawan. After enduring a bumpy 6 hour van ride from southern Palawan we arrived in the Capital city of Puerto Princessa where we checked into the Liberty Pension House. What was so funny was that the rumor had spread that we went to a place called Amanpulo which is a 5 star $700 a night resort in the Cuyo Islands. When in fact we stayed at a simple Pension House for $40 a night! Though we probably could have afforded a few nights in Amanpulo the ritzy glitzy lifestyle was just not our bag. We wanted a simple honeymoon.

The Underground River
Our first adventure was a trip up north to visit the Underground River. We took along my wife's nephew and his friend with us. We got kind of a late start so by the time we arrived there it was already 4pm and the last boat leaving for the Underground River was at 4:30.  The waves were unusually high that day and we had a great ride from the pier out to the entrance enjoying the rolling 10 foot swells. We did not have a care in the world. It was total bliss and every minute was fun!

Just inside the entrance
The actual Underground River itself was awesome. I understand it is the longest navigated river in the world at 8.2 kilometers long.  We were especially fortunate that day because of it being late and the high waves there were no other boats touring the cave while we were there. That gave an incredible serenity to the point that we could hear the swoosh of the bats wings as they flew around us. Each person gets their own spot light so you can illuminate what you think is interesting. Another fun thing we did was to all turn off our lights and spend a few moments in pitch black darkness. What thrill!

We had not booked any accommodations near the Underground River so we headed back to Puerto Princessa that night.  It made for a fairly long day but when you are on the wings of love those minor details go unnoticed.

Our honeymoon home run

 The staff at the Liberty Pension House were great and treated us like family. We stayed in room 302. I took note of that room number to memory because we are pretty sure the greatest miracle in our lives happened there. Yes, not only were we blessed with an amazing wedding, only days after we were blessed with someone else who flew into our lives ... Our baby daughter Jeminah was conceived and she joined us in October of that year. There are no words that could describe the completeness she has added to our family!

It was super fun!
With only two days left we decided to visit the Tabun Caves. This is the home of the 80,000 year old remains of the Tabun Man who was the earliest recorded person to reach the Philippines when Palawan was connected to what is now Borneo Malaysia. We had fun, so much fun as depicted in this pic. The places we stayed in were modest and some were downright old but that did not matter. We loved every moment of our honeymoon and it left us with such good memories.


As time goes by quickly life has moved on for us and our love for each other grows deeper each day as we face life's challenges together.  My wife and children have added new dimensions to my life that no money could ever buy. The richness of the culture where my wife comes from is radiant in our family life.

This past November 19th we were blessed with a baby boy and our family is growing. I am amazed how fast time goes by as I reflect on our honeymoon with a home run. I guess I could call the current chapter " exile with a home run" lol He is particularity special because all of my cousins are female and that means that baby Jared is the only one who could carry on our family name.

Jared David joined us on Nov. 19th. What a blessing!

God gave me the most wonderful woman in the world!

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  1. good luck on your journey David & Chona. may God's blessings shower upon you and your family. hugz