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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The road

This project was definitely a ''road less traveled'' because it was so dangerous. The first time I traveled down this road I was on the back of a motorcycle. We had come around the corner and headed down hill and with the clay and rocks it soon became apparent that we would be crashing in the very near future. The particular stretch of road shown in this post was notorious for crashes. It was steep, slippery and had steep drop offs.

When I decided to make a cementing project on this portion there were already several projects going on in other places. Mostly retaining walls and drainage culverts. I think maybe one of the donated houses was under construction at that time too. In other words the projects were full blast at that time.

The road was made in 2006
When it came time to make this portion of the road I was offered two options by the masons. One was to save money and make the road without steel bars and the other was to make a thick road using the re-enforced bars. There was no second thought. I wanted those people to have the best and be blessed for generations to come. So we made the road to standard. I remember one time in Samar I was traveling and there were so many places where the cemented road was cracked and had holes in it. I wondered why that was? And soon I learned why. The money that was in the budget for the steel bars was used for the personal gain of the local mayors house and so they made a road with no steel bars in it. I remembered that very fact when I had made the decision to use steel bars in the road in Cebu. Would I be like that mayor and give the people a poor road or would I give them what they deserved?           
                                                   A video made in January 2011

I realize it is difficult for some people to understand my intentions in projects such as that road. Why would I be out in a remote place doing things like that unsupported by any organization. By the worlds view it does not make much sense. But if you could see it through God's eyes, it makes all the sense in the world. I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams ( not Bill Gates level ) and instead of spending it on my self I wanted to give back to people who would never have a chance to see that kind of blessing. I wanted to make a way for them to have hope that their lives could and would improve. And the metaphor of the beautiful road was God making a road to their hearts to set them free. This is why I did it.

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